SeREG Released- to facilitates hotel guests to check in and checkout independently without hassle

Public health crisis that hit the world as a result of the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus has an impact on almost entirely industries. The temporary shutdown of businesses and changes in habits and lifestyles during the pandemic made all establishments including hotels have to prepare the new normal scenario.

The post COVID-19 era and ever competitive market require hotel sector to change the way of serving guest. They need to respond to the health and safety concerns of guests and also comply with ongoing guidance by government.

Physical distancing protocol is proven to be one of the most effective ways to reduce the spread of illness during an outbreak. Every person is required to minimize physical interaction and keep maintaining minimal one-meter distance from others.

Mobile technology that has been on horizon for years can be further leveraged to address health and safety issues by eliminating unnecessary human contact which could be potential points of virus transmission. Technology adoption in hotel operations will challenge the trust of guests, in turns, will speed up efforts to restore demand and occupancy levels.

SeREG helps hoteliers reopen safely and fast by providing mobile self check-in technology for guests who desire to have a contactless check-in and check-out experience. Our system is a hassle-free application allowing guests to use their phone as room key to enter guest room or even accessing public area within the hotel. It enables them to eliminate some of potential touch points with hotel staffs or other guests.


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