Restoring Public Confidence in Safe Travels Challenge

Updated: May 9

“The COVID-19 pandemic has brought the travel and tourism industry to a virtual standstill and that’s taking a toll on national economies and people’s livelihoods,” said Mr. Osewe. “So the travel and tourism industry needs smart, modern solutions that can be widely and easily implemented.

We hope the kind of thinking and ideas we saw with the ADB-AIM hackathon will help the travel and tourism sector to adapt and recover. Around the world, and particularly here in Asia and the Pacific, that will play an important role in how quickly we can rebound from the shock and impact of COVID-19.

The other three finalists were MySeREG Team from Indonesia, which proposed a keyless check-in system for hotels; the BeFC Team from France, which introduced its bioenzymatic fuel-cell system, a sustainable alternative to coin or button cells that power most wearable sensors; and the MedAccess Team from Hong Kong, China, Philippines, Singapore, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom, who proposed a monitoring system for travelers to observe cost-effective, hygienic safety procedures.